No Shows & Late Cancellations

A no-show occurs when the bus arrives within the pickup window and the passenger is not ready, declines to ride, or is not at the location of the scheduled pickup. A no show will also be counted if a cancellation is not received by dispatch three hours prior to appointment time.

Drivers will wait for five (5) minutes after they arrive within a passenger’s scheduled pick-up window. If the passenger is not at the bus within the five (5) minutes, the driver must depart to serve other passengers and the passenger will be recorded as a no-show.

If a customer is a no show at the pick up appointment, the return trip will automatically be cancelled unless we hear from the customer.

If you miss the bus because you were not ready when the bus arrived and you were marked as a no-show you can try and schedule another trip. If space is available, another bus will be dispatched to your location. You will be required to pay the no-show fare along with the new trip fare.

Demand & Response No-Show Penalties

When a customer is a no-show for a scheduled trip dispatch will call the customer and also mail a letter informing the customer of the no-show. The customer must pay for the no-show and the penalty before they will be permitted to book/take another trip. All trips currently scheduled will be cancelled until the no-show and penalty has been paid.

Penalty for 1st no-show: $10.00 plus fare amount of trip

Penalty for 2nd no-show: $15.00 plus fare amount of trip (if NOT within a forty-five (45) day period)

All penalties after the 2nd no-show (but do not meet the 2 no-shows within forty-five (45) days): $20.00 plus fare amount of trip

Penalty for 2nd no-show within forty-five (45) days of the 1st no-show: $20.00 plus fare amount of trip and thirty (30) day suspension from riding the bus. After two no-shows within forty-five (45) days the customer will be required to pre-pay for all future trips by credit or debit card. Customers that do not have a credit/debit card may mail in a money order for their pre-payment, or bring their payment in cash or money order to our office. Once payment has been received dispatch will be notified and the trip can be booked. No refunds will be given on pre-paid trips.

Note: The first suspension for no-shows or late cancellations is thirty (30) days, the second suspension will be forty-five (45) days, and the third suspension will be sixty (60) days. After the third suspension for no-shows, permanent loss of ridership privileges may occur.

General Policies
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking is not permitted on any District vehicle.
  • Only personal assistance animals are permitted in any District vehicle.
  • Loud or abusive behavior or language including profanity/racial or vulgar comments will be cause for immediate removal from the vehicle and possible loss of ridership privileges.
  • Passengers may only bring carry on items that will fit comfortably on their lap and will not protrude into the next seat. Drivers cannot help load or unload items and passengers may not leave personal items on the bus.
  • Drivers are restricted from entering any home or facility.
  • Brazos Transit District reserves the right to restrict certain items on all buses.
  • Drivers are required to transport customers to the pre-scheduled destination indicated on the driver's manifest. Drivers are not allowed to make any destination changes.
  • Riding Brazos Transit District’s vehicles under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Audio/music players are not permitted to be played aloud while on any vehicle of Brazos Transit District.
  • Brazos Transit District is not responsible for personal items left on the bus. Passengers may call Brazos Transit District at (800)272-0039 or (979)778-4480 to find out about any personal items they may have left on the vehicle. If recovered, Brazos Transit District will hold personal items for sixty (60) days prior to disposal.
  • If possible Brazos Transit District will enter gated communities. A supervisor will determine if it is safe for the bus to enter and exit the community without having to maneuver vehicles that may be parked. If the bus can enter the gated community, you will need to obtain a letter from the community stating that it is ok for the bus to enter the property, and it must be sent/faxed to our main office location in Bryan, to have on file.
Suspension of Service

The following infractions will result in a temporary to permanent suspension of Brazos Transit District services. Unless noted below the suspension will result in thirty (30) days for the first occurrence, sixty (60) days for the second occurrence, ninety (90) days for the third occurrence. The fourth occurrence will result in permanent suspension from riding any District bus.

  • Violation of the no-show late cancellation policies. This varies on the number of no-shows. See the No Show and Late Cancellations on the previous page.
  • Loud and/or abusive behavior or language including profanity/racial or vulgar remarks directed at other passenger, or any staff member of Brazos Transit District.
  • Making threats to harm the driver or other passengers on board will result in a ninety (90) day suspension from riding any District bus.
  • Making threats to kill the driver, BTD staff, or other passengers will result in permanent suspension of any District vehicle.
  • Dangerous/Disruptive Behavior and/or Physical Abuse. Defined as any action that could cause direct or indirect physical harm to the driver, vehicle, other passengers, any person, or District employee. Under the Patriot Act of 2001 violent acts against mass transportation workers, passengers, vehicles and facilities are federal crimes. This will result in permanent suspension of any District vehicle.
  • Smoking while in a Brazos Transit District vehicle.
  • Deliberate fare evasion.
  • Refusing to exit the vehicle.
  • Disturbing the driver while on route.