General Policies
General Policies
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking is not permitted on any District vehicle.
  • Only personal assistance animals are permitted in any District vehicle.
  • Loud or abusive behavior or language including profanity/racial or vulgar comments will be cause for immediate removal from the vehicle and possible loss of ridership privileges.
  • Passengers may only bring carry on items that will fit comfortably on their lap and will not protrude into the next seat. Drivers cannot help load or unload items and passengers may not leave personal items on the bus.
  • Drivers are restricted from entering any home or facility.
  • Brazos Transit District reserves the right to restrict certain items on all buses.
  • Drivers are required to transport customers to the pre-scheduled destination indicated on the driver's manifest. Drivers are not allowed to make any destination changes.
  • Riding Brazos Transit District’s vehicles under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Audio/music players are not permitted to be played aloud while on any vehicle of Brazos Transit District.
  • Brazos Transit District is not responsible for personal items left on the bus. Passengers may call Brazos Transit District at (800)272-0039 or (979)778-4480 to find out about any personal items they may have left on the vehicle. If recovered, Brazos Transit District will hold personal items for sixty (60) days prior to disposal.
  • If possible Brazos Transit District will enter gated communities. A supervisor will determine if it is safe for the bus to enter and exit the community without having to maneuver vehicles that may be parked. If the bus can enter the gated community, you will need to obtain a letter from the community stating that it is ok for the bus to enter the property, and it must be sent/faxed to our main office location in Bryan, to have on file.
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